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March 2018 - Nicaragua

Gregory Ross / 03.02.18 - from Managua, Nicaragua | I'm here in Nicaragua traveling with Janet Foerster and her foundation, INNERchange Works - visiting the many programs her foundation supports throughout the country which focus on education, women's empowerment, eco-agriculture and more.

THE STORY FOR THE DAY is about a young woman by the name of Maria Jose, now fourteen who Janet, I and others have been providing support, living assistance and obtaining much needed orthopedic medical treatment.

This week Maria Jose is going to get her limb saving surgery.

Photo | Maria Jose with Marisol Revera

Children's Hospital, Managua, Nicaragua

I have been following Maria Jose with my camera and my heart since I first learned of her limb condition in 2015. Then aged 8, Maria Jose was one of many children living in rural villages throughout Nicaragua who suffered from both malnutrition and bone deformities of her hip and lower limbs.

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